Alur Álvinnsla ehf

Recycle the Aluminium

A drive to collect aluminium from tealights was held over the holidays under the slogan “Give the Christmas Lights a New Leash on Life” to raise public awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling aluminium from households.

An exhibition was held in which designers Sigga Heimis, Ingibjörg Hanna, Olga Ósk Ellertsdóttir and Studio Portland utilised the material in various ways. The recycling campaign was so successful that it was decided to continue the collection and it has now become a permanent part of Iceland’s recycling landscape. But then the question arose as to what would happen to the aluminum from the tealights.

Designers were recruited to give the material a new life. Designers with different backgrounds were selected, both designers with extensive experience and young, up-and-coming designers with a novel approach. The designers focus on finding possibilities for production in close collaboration with the metal working shop Hella, which has recycled aluminium ever since it was founded.

The emphasis was on practical items suited for Icelandic reality and inspired by daily life. Aluminum is ideal for Icelandic conditions and it is a raw material that is close to Icelanders’ hearts, as it has been a big part of the Icelandic economy for decades.

Icelanders have always had to utilise raw materials from their immediate surroundings, and they are resourceful when the need arises. It’s exciting what can be created in a short span of time as designers grapple with this exciting raw material – which has the advantage of being endlessly recyclable without losing its original properties.

The campaign to recycle aluminium from tealights is carried out under the auspices of Alur Aluminium Processing, Endurvinnslan, Fura, Gámaþjónustan, Grænir skátar, Hringrás, Íslenska gámafélagið, Málmsteypan Hella, Plastiðjan Bjarg, Samál, the Federation of Icelandic Industries and Sorpa.