Alur Álvinnsla ehf


Alur employees are knowledgable in the fields of aluminium smelting, operating a smelting furnace and the maintenance of machinery and equipment. They are experienced in the processing of aluminium and steel and educated in the fields of welding, auto mechanics and engineering. The continuing education of employees is regarded as a high priority.

Employees receive training and continuing education from an overseas partner who has worked for many years in the British aluminium recycling industry and uses the same equipment and technology as Alur.

lur employees also visit plants in Poland, Germany and Norway where there is experience and knowledge that can be used in our activities here in Iceland.

Brynja E Silness

Managing Director

Janusz S Zienkowicz

Aluminium smelter employee and HSE

Gerard Rafal Zyznowski

Repair and maintenance of equipment

John Olav Silness


Elizian Mocanu

Aluminium smelter employee