Alur Álvinnsla ehf

The Environment

Alur Aluminium Processing’s goal is to minimise any negative effects on the environment. We look for the most efficient methods available when it comes to the use of raw materials and energy and collaborate with recognised international entities to recycle waste from Alur’s recycling process.

All waste is sorted in Alur’s plant and returned to the appropriate partners.

Alur Aluminium Processing’s aim is to reuse or recycle all waste. The Environment Agency of Iceland oversees two emission measurements each year, and green accounting is submitted to the Agency annually. The green accounting can be found below.

Alur Aluminum Processing is also part of the environmental monitoring of the industrial plants at Grundartangi. The purpose of the monitoring is to assess the pressure on the environment caused by activities in the industrial area. The 2017 environmental monitoring was carried out under a environmental monitoring schedule approved by the Environment Agency of Iceland whereby air quality, river water, livestock, marine life and the surroundings of seashore landfills were monitored. Efla prepared a summary report and the results and summary can be found below.