Alur Álvinnsla ehf

Health and Safety

Safety within the company, for employees and contractors alike, is a top priority for Alur Aluminium Processing. We are constantly working to identify and manage hazards in our environment with the aim of achieving an accident-free workplace. All Alur employees receive security training, and operating procedures are presented and followed up with weekly meetings. Employees carry out a risk assessment of all tasks and record all irregularities, which teach us that you can always learn from incidents and prevent mishaps and accidents through good communications and common safety goals.

Safety issues and objectives are reviewed regularly to ensure that the company’s safety culture is in order and improvements made if necessary.

A safety representative, who has completed courses with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is in charge of safety issues.

Alur Aluminium Processing aims to promote an open dialogue on occupational health and safety where everyone is free to discuss any adverse incidents or hazardous conditions in the workplace.