Alur Álvinnsla ehf

About Us

Alur Aluminium Processing is located in the industrial area at Grundartangi. Its principal activity is to receive the aluminum dross that is the byproduct of smelting at the aluminium plant in Straumsvík and Norðurál at Grundartangi.

Alur was established in Helguvík in 1998 but has operated at Grundartangi since 2012. Its annual production amounts to approximately 2,500 tonnes of aluminum from about 5 thousand tonnes of aluminium dross. The company has an operating licence to receive 15,000 tonnes of aluminum dross each year until 2025.

Eight people work for Alur Aluminium Processing. The company has partners in the UK, Norway and Germany, and its staff has visited plants in Poland and Norway.

Recycle the Aluminium

Aluminum recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Aluminium is unique in that it can be used again and again without losing its original properties. Only about 5% of the energy originally used to produce the aluminium is needed to recycle it.

This means that much value is generated when the aluminium is recycled, which provides the foundation for the operation of recycling companies all over Europe.

Energy savings due to aluminum recycling significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the majority of emissions in global aluminium production is generally due to energy production.




Recycle the Aluminium

A drive to collect aluminium from tealights was held over the holidays under the slogan “Give the Christmas Lights a New Leash on Life” to raise public awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling aluminium from households.

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